If you've never heard of Better World Books, it's just like Amazon - they collect and sell new and used books online and deliver them to your door.

However, Better World Books uses the money earned from selling you their books for literacy initiatives worldwide.

What's more, Better World Books ships your books to you for free within the United States! They also ship very cheaply worldwide, every order is shipped carbon neutral with offsets from Carbonfund.org.

So why not give them a try, you'll be stopping used books going to a landfill site, therefore protecting the environment, and helping children in poorer countries learn to read and write.

Here at Earth Facts we've had much of our research material sent to us from Better World Books, so we know how good they are and how nice it feels to help underprivilaged people better themseves through reading and writing for a brighter future.

For more info see: www.betterworldbooks.com