The focus of Hofburg Quarter in Vienna is the Hofburg Complex, once the seat of Austrian power. Formerly an imperial palace, the Hofburg Complex now contains the offices of the President of Austria, the Austrian National Library and a number of museums.


Michaelertrakt, a wing of the former imperial palace, is located in Michaelerplatz, the square that faces the Michaelertor - the entrance to the Hofburg Complex.


Remains of a Roman camp have been found underneath Michaelerplatz


Loos House, designed by Adolf Loos, is located in Michaelerplatz. Loos House is one of the earliest modern buildings in Vienna. It was very controversial when it was built, because it had smooth lines on the outside instead of ornate baroque-style decoration.


Michaelerplatz has a well-known, and often-photographed, fountain.


Michaelerkirche, a parish church that dates as far back as the 13th century can be found in Michaelerplatz. This church has a crypt with well-preserved late 18th century corpses.


Tourists who come to Hofburg Quarter can visit the State Treasuries, where the treasures of the Habsburg Empire are on display.


An equestrian statue of Joseph II is located in the middle of Josefsplatz Palffy Palace and Pallavacini Palace can be found in this square.


The famous Winter Riding School, thought to have been founded in the 1572, has an entrance of Josefsplatz The renowned Lipizzaner Horses are trained here.


Other streets in Hofburg Quarter, such as Bankgasse and Herrengasse, are lined with palaces. Most of these palaces have been converted to embassies, apartments or offices.


Naglergasse is a street known for its baroque architecture.


Hofburg Quarter has many art galleries, fine shops and coffee houses.


Demel Konditorei, one of the most popular coffee houses in Vienna, is located here.


Art galleries and auction houses can be found along the street known as Dorotheergasse.


Kohlmarkt is a street with many shops that were designed by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein.


At no. 11 Kohlmarkt is the Grosses Michaelerhaus. Joseph Haydn once lived in an apartment that overlooked the courtyard of this baroque building.