Stephansdom Quarter is the heart of Vienna. It's history goes back at least as far as Roman times. The remains of a 2,000 year old Roman garrison were discovered underneath the streets here.


Today, the quarter is full of winding streets and large squares.


There are many government buildings, private businesses, shops and taverns.


The Stephansdom, or St Stephen's Cathedral is at the center of Stephansdom Quarter and the city of Vienna.


In addition to this Gothic cathedral, Stephansdom Quarter has many great works of architecture spanning many periods of history.


The Ruprechtskirche (St Rupert's Church), thought to be Vienna's oldest church, is of Romanesque design.


Other notable churches in Stephansdom Quarter include the Deutschordenskirche (Church of the Teutonic Order) - a 14th century Gothic church, the Baroque Dominikanerkirche (Dominican Church) and the Renaissance-Baroque Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church).


Vienna's Academy of Sciences is located in Stephansdom Quarter, as are the Winter Place of Prince Eugene, the Bohemian Court Chancery and the round, glass and steel Haas Huas, which designed by Hans Hollein in the late 20th century.


The Cathedral Museum, is attached to Stephansdom. Other museums of interest in the quarter are the Clock Museum, the Doll and Toy Museum and the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. Figarohaus, where Mozart lived between 1884 and 1887, has been converted to a museum as well.