How Many People Have Walked on the Moon?

The answer to this question has not changed since the last Apollo mission. The last lunar landing occurred on December 11, 1972. Since then, no one else has walked on the surface of the moon.

The Apollo missions allowed 12 people to touch ground on the moon. All 12 of these people were American. No other country has landed people on the moon’s surface. The list is as follows:

Apollo 11 July 20, 1969:
1 Neil Armstrong
2 Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 12 November 19-20, 1969:
3 Pete Conrad
4 Alan Bean

Apollo 14 February 5-6, 1971:
5 Alan Shepard
6 Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 15 July 31–August 2, 1971:
7 David Scott
8 James Irwin

Apollo 16 April 21-23, 1972:
9 John W. Young
10 Charles Duke

Apollo 17 December 11-14, 1972:
11 Eugene Cernan
12 Harrison Schmitt

While all of the Apollo missions were 3-man missions, one of the crew members stayed in orbit around the moon while the other two decended towards the moon.

Even with all of the advances in technology, no one has been back since the early 1970’s.