Fascinating data and information regarding weather records set on Earth:

  • Hottest recorded temperature on Earth: 57.8C/136F in Libya
  • Hottest recorded temperature in the United States: 56.7C/134F in Death Valley, California
  • Fastest temperature rise: 27C/49F in 2 minutes in South Dakota
  • Warmest temperature recorded during snow fall: 47F at LaGuardia Airport, New York
  • Coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth: -89.2C/-128.6F in Vostok Station, Antartica
  • Fastest temperature drop: 26C/47F in 15 minutes in South Dakota
  • Most rain in one minute: 3.8cm/1.5in in Guadeloupe
  • Largest snow flake: 38cm/15in in Montana