Causeway Bay is a busy shopping area in Hong Kong. It is one of the most famous - and one of the highest rent - shopping districts in the world.

Here you will find fashionable clothing in large department stores as well as in exclusive boutiques.

If you have a restricted budget, you can find stylish clothing and accessories at affordable prices at Jardine's Bazaar, one of Hong Kong's oldest shopping streets.

Times Square in Causeway Bay is a famous complex of office buildings and shops. This is where the New Year's Eve countdown takes place.

Causeway Bay has many fine restaurants. Tung Lo Wan Road is gaining a reputation for its restaurants, cafes and noodle bars.

Seafood is very popular in Causeway Bay, reflecting the area's seaside heritage. Causeway Bay was once a fishing district and has been built on reclaimed land. A typhoon shelter, a relic of the time when the area was inhabited by fishing families, lies on the waterfront.

A popular way to relax and unwind after a meal is to take a boat ride around harbor.

You can also watch a movie at any Causeway Bay's many cinemas.

The largest park in Hong Kong, Victoria Park, is located in Causeway Bay.

Every day at noon, a gun is fired into the harbor at Causeway Bay. The Noonday Gun ceremony has been taking place since the mid 1800s, when Hong Kong was under British control.