Dodamsambong Peaks are three limestone peaks in South Korea, rising up out of the Namhangang River. They are located southwest of Seoul on Dodamsambong Island, in the county of Danyang.

They can be reached by ferry.

An old legend says that Dodamsambong Peaks were once a married couple and another woman the husband took as his mistress, after the wife proved unable to have a son. The three fought so loudly that the gods turned them into three peaks to keep them quiet.

There is pagoda on top of the largest peak, Janggunbong (Husband Rock). The smallest peak is Cheopbong (Mistress Rock) and the other one is Cheobong (Wife Rock). The way the three rocks are arranged are said to illustrate the story. Wife Rock is said to look like she is turning away from Husband Rock in anger, while Mistress Rock supposedly looks like she is flirting with Husband Rock.

A musical fountain surrounding the three peaks is very popular with tourists.

lhoyangjeong Pavilion, across from the three peaks, was built to provide shelter to locals who lost their homes during a flood. It is a wonderful vantage point for viewing the peaks and the surrounding area.

Dodamsambong Peaks are part of a group of limestone mountains collectively known as the Eight Wonders (or Views) of Danyang.

Another of Danyang's Eight Wonders is Seokmun (Stone Gate) a mountain with an enormous hole carved into the side by erosion. The river, more than 330 feet (100 meters) below can be seen through this hole.

Sainam Rock, also one of the Eight Views of Danyang, consist of a group of pine-covered rock cliffs. The area around Sainam Rock is popular with tourists who want to relax.

Jungseonam Rock is made of white rocks arranged in a step-like fashion.