Interesting Facts About China

China is a very interesting country with many unique facts that you may find interesting. One-fifth of the world’s population lives in China. The most famous landmark in China, The Great Wall of China, began construction over 2,500 years ago and stands more than an astounding 5,000 km long.

China is home to 18% of the world’s poor. Nearly 150 million people in China live on less than one dollar per day. While there is still a large amount of people living under one dollar per day, from 1981-2001 more than 400 million people lifted themselves out of the one dollar per day poverty level.

While there is such a high poverty level, China still has the fastest growing economy of any nation in Asia. If you’re from America, you already know the large amount of work that is being sent overseas to China. The average income in China in 2005 was $1,290 but in 1980 the average income was only $280.